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Max Paul Maria

»No matter where I am, I´m always longing for abroad.« – Ein Tag mit Max Paul Maria

Menschen | Max Paul Maria

Eine zufällige Begegnung mit dem Musiker Max Paul Maria. Was ist seine Geschichte – und wie inszeniert er seine musikalischen Projekte, die sich zwischen Liebhaberobjekten und professionellem Anspruch bewegen? Da ihr bloße Internetrecherchen nicht ausreichten, hat PATTY SPYCHALSKI ihn befragt und einen Tag lang begleitet.
Boozoo Bajou. Foto: Tobias Schmidt

Dope on the Road to Nowhere: An Interview with Boozoo Bajou.

Bittles‘ Magazine | Interview

Formed in the scenic German town of Nuremberg the duo of Peter Heider and Florian Seyberth, otherwise known as Boozoo Bajou first came to prominence in 2001 with the release of their debut album Satta on Stereo Deluxe. Trendsetters and their pets everywhere sat up and took notice of these downbeat dub infused grooves, enthusing over the sublime mixture of trip-hop and jazz which the duo created with a pinch of perfection. Since then the band have devised music in a variety of styles that has always kept the listener intrigued while constantly maintaining an extremely high quality threshold. By JOHN BITTLES
Ekkohaus; Photo: Stassymedia

Ekkohaus – An Interview

Bittles‘ Magazine | Interview

You know that sense of nervous anticipation you get as you put a new album on and you don’t know what to expect? That shiver of suspense you experience as you put the CD in the stereo, place the record on the turntable, or press play on the file is a pretty beautiful thing indeed. Yet nine times out of ten you end up disappointed by what you hear. Be it landfill indie, or generic tech-house nonsense with the personality of a paving slab, the discovery of new music can be a fraught and terrifying adventure that makes even the most ardent of music lovers ponder the point of it all. By JOHN BITTLES
Tone of Arc

The Time Was Right: An Interview With Tone of Arc.

Bittles‘ Magazine | Interview

To say that Tone of Arc have created one of the funkiest records of 2013 is something of an understatement. Said album The Time Was Right contains 11 tracks of fantastically freaky sounds that would make LCD Soundsystem lie down and give up the ghost (oh wait, they already have). Trust me when I tell you that this is music readymade for the shuffling of shoulders, the nodding of heads, the movement of feet, and the eruption of huge face-dominating grins. By JOHN BITTLES
Mr. C.

Waking Up with Mr.C.

Bittles‘ Magazine | Interview

You know how every once in a while an album will come along that completely defies all your expectations and quite simply blows you away? You press play, sit down, and give the stereo that certain look which signifies that you are going to be very hard to impress. Within minutes though you’ve climbed up onto the table shaking your skinny little ass while waving your hands in the air with something approaching unbridled joy. By JOHN BITTLES
The Black Dog

The Black Dog Runs at Night!

Bittles‘ Magazine | Interview

The Black Dog are one of those rare bands that appear to be doing what they do for a reason, a need, or a compulsion even. While more and more people in the music industry seem to be all about the fame, or the money, it is truly refreshing to meet a band who aren‘t here to play the media game. Their regular forays into the world of music are constantly met with eager anticipation by those intelligent people who treasure techno that is created with depth and lots of soul. By JOHN BITTLES
Landschaft mit Dromedar

Außenansichten und ein Dromedar

Porträt & Interview

Interview | Die brasilianische Autorin Carola Saavedra

Zu ihren literarischen Vorbildern zählen Roberto Bolańo, Jorge Luis Borges, W.G. Seebald und Thomas Bernhard. Die brasilianische Schriftstellerin Carola Saavedra befindet sich daher in guter Gesellschaft. Mit ihrem federleicht geschriebenen Roman Landschaft mit Dromedar stellt sie sich dem deutschen Lesepublikum vor. BETTINA GUTIÈRREZ hat mit ihr gesprochen.
Daniel Avery

Tips For the Top: Daniel Avery

Bittles‘ Magazine | Daniel Avery

Daniel Avery is a producer who makes the type of house music that makes me remember why I fell in love with house music in the first place. Bubbling bass, crashing beats, and edgy synths are all thrown into the mix to create something which positively snarls at the body urging it to move to the beat. This is music made for losing yourself. For closing your eyes, hands in the air, dancing even though you’re exhausted, and thinking to yourself ›thank fuck I am here rather than anywhere else‹. By JOHN BITTLES
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