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TTTs - Althaea
Bittles' Magazine/Platte

Words Don’t Come Easy: New Album Reviews

Music | Bittles’ Magazine: The music column from the end of the world

After a summer filled with festivals, the act of listening to music in the sanctuary of your own home can appear a little strange. For a while every summer I briefly conclude that the best way to appreciate the bands or DJs that you love is while standing in a mud strewn field with ten thousand other people while the rain lashes down on your head. By JOHN BITTLES

Jack Dejohnette - In Movement

Jazz-Avantgarde wird alt und wirkt jung

Musik | Free Jazz, Free Space & Impro

Die Jazz-Avantgarde wird alt und wirkt jung – Jazz-Freigeister: die Amerikaner Jack DeJohnette und Archie Shepp in Verbindung mit der deutschen Jazzszene. Von TINA KAROLINA STAUNER

Porter Ray
Bittles' Magazine/Platte

2017: The Albums Of The Year So Far

Music | Bittles’ Magazine: The music column from the end of the world

This week I have taken it upon myself to highlight, in no particular order, some of the albums released in the first half of 2017 which have forced me to crack a smile, and convinced me that getting out of bed isn’t a complete waste of time. By JOHN BITTLES

The Story Of Whatness: An Interview With Anton Kubikov

The Story Of Whatness

Music | Bittles’ Magazine: The music column from the end of the world

Since launching in 1998 Cologne label Kompakt have proven themselves masters of melody-rich techno, dance floor bangers, and pop-tinged house. Yet, as the imprint’s revered Pop Ambient series of albums attests, they are often at their very best when they lessen the pace. By JOHN BITTLES

together at last_jeff tweedy

Folkdays … Wilco-Songs minimalistisch

Musik | Jeff Tweedy: Together At Last

Jeff Tweedy, das ist einerseits ein Singer-Songwriter, andererseits ist er der Macher von Wilco in Zusammenarbeit mit John Stirratt, Glenn Kotche, Mikael Jorgensen, Nels Cline und Pat Sansone. Er war auch einmal mit dem Band-Projekt Golden Smog zu hören und es gibt neue Bands von ihm genannt Loose Fur und Tweedy. Das zuerst kurz als Fakten. Von TINA KAROLINA STAUNER

Clovelly EP
Bittles' Magazine

Heavy Disco & Liquid Love: Record Reviews

Music | Bittles’ Magazine: The music column from the end of the world

It’s a shame how difficult it is to buy a 12-inch single these days. Just go into your local HMV or Saturn and try to purchase one, it’s harder than Batman in a bad mood. Not every town or city has a specialist dance music store willing to take a chance and stock singles, and while the chains have largely expanded their vinyl sections they concentrate on albums rather than short, sharp bursts of joy. By JOHN BITTLES

Monika Werkstatt
Bittles' Magazine/Platte

Our Love Is Dust: New Album Reviews

Music | Bittles’ Magazine: The music column from the end of the world

Now that festival season is firmly upon us it can be hard to find music prepared to take chances, experiment, or which has a sense of emotional depth. Short DJ sets, unimaginative selectors, and impatient crowds mean that subtlety and nuance can be overlooked in the search for the next chant-a-long, or hands in the air anthem. This week I will be highlighting some music you are unlikely to hear at Space or Glastonbury, but which will challenge you and light up your day. By JOHN BITTLES

Michael Mayer_DJKicks
Bittles' Magazine/Platte

Aural Stimulation For Distracted Minds

Music | Bittles’ Magazine: The music column from the end of the world

Good music should please the listener, cozying up to them like an old friend. Great music should challenge our prejudices, taking us down avenues and through landscapes which, alone, we would fear to tread. In this week’s article I will be reviewing some new music which challenges perceptions, gets us dancing, and will, hopefully, linger long in the mind. By JOHN BITTLES


Soul Tales

Musik | Auf Platte: Melissa Etheridge: ›Memphis Rock And Soul‹

Soul Tales – Stax Records gibt es seit 60 Jahren und Melissa Etheridge ist the funkiest Woman alive in der Rockmusik mit ›Memphis Rock And Soul‹ Von TINA KAROLINA STAUNER

Lambchop - Flotus

Folkdays… Lambchop mit FLOTUS

Musik | Lambchop: FLOTUS

»In the end I just really wanted to make a record that my wife would like,« verbreitet Kurt Wagner über seine aktuelle CD ›FLOTUS‹. Jedenfalls hat der 58-jährige Wagner, immerhin so was wie Musikergenius mit Lambchop, diese Veröffentlichung seiner Frau Mary gewidmet. Die Songs sind ein facettenreiches, komplexes Themenspektrum. Von TINA KAROLINA STAUNER

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