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Titel - Kenneth Christiansen
Bittles' Magazine

Dub Be Good To Me: An Interview With Kenneth Christiansen

Music | Bittles’ Magazine: The music column from the end of the world

Best known for their perfect fusion of techno and dub, the label Echocord has, over the past fifteen  years, established itself as the world’s finest purveyor of bass heavy sounds. Founded by Danish DJ Kenneth Christiansen, the imprint has worked with artists such as Mikkel Metal, Fluxion, Quantec, Rod Modell, Deadbeat, and more, to become the holy grail for anyone seeking to lose themselves within deep, heady grooves. By JOHN BITTLES

magnetic fields 50

Folkdays… ›50 Song Memoir‹

Musik | The Magnetic Fields: 50 Song Memoir

Folkdays… ›50 Song Memoir‹ von The Magnetic Fields – Teil II über Stephin Merritt und seine Selbstsucht und Ichbezogenheit. Von TINA KAROLINA STAUNER

Ein Lied für Dulce
Porträt & Interview/Roman

Kontinent der Musik und Freiheit

Roman | Sylvain Prudhomme: Ein Lied für Dulce

In seinem bewegenden Roman ›Ein Lied für Dulce‹ befasst sich der französische Schriftsteller Sylvain Prudhomme mit der legendären Band Super Mama Djombo und einem Stück portugiesischer Kolonialgeschichte. BETTINA GUTIERREZ hat ihn hierzu befragt.

The Magnetic Fields

Folkdays…The Magnetic Fields

Musik | The Magnetic Fields/Stephin Merritt: 69 Love Songs

Song um Song über Liebe und nochmal Liebe, Surrealismus, Realismus, Liebäugelei mit automatistischem Schreiben. ›69 Love Songs‹ und 46 Liebeslieder hat TINA KAROLINA STAUNER gehört.

Bittles' Magazine
Bittles' Magazine

Mono No Aware: March New Album Reviews

Music | Bittles’ Magazine: The music column from the end of the world

Don’t you just love March? Spring has finally reared its head, people begin to remember that it doesn’t hurt to smile, and there is a horde of great music appearing in your local record shop. This week we’ll be highlighting some great new albums which only a complete and utter fool would dare to miss. We have the rap brilliance of Porter Ray, the classic house grooves of Octo Octa, the deep ambiance of Anjou and Marc Romboy, the languid rock of Real Estate, and lots more.


Folkdays aren’t over … Bizarre Songperlen

Musik | Live Maria Roggen und Helge Lien: You

Das norwegische Folk-Jazz-Duo Live Maria Roggen und Helge Lien hat norwegische Songs von Landsleuten der Folk-, Jazz- und Popszene ins Englische übersetzt und die Stücke interpretiert. Das Album, betitelt mit ›You‹, zeigt die Sängerin Roggen und den Pianisten Lien mit einfühlsamen Darstellungen und kraftvoll egozentrischem Gestus. Von TINA KAROLINA STAUNER

Plankton Defcon Oh Babe
Bittles' Magazine

Other Voices & Golden Ravedays: New Singles Reviews

Music | Bittles’ Magazine: The music column from the end of the world

In this week’s article I will be highlighting some of the recent 12inches which have been wooing my weary old ears. We have the hardware acid of Justin Cudmore, some trippy electronica from Belbury Poly and Moon Wiring Club, the melody-driven house of Superpitcher, blissful ambiance from The Orb and Mark Barrott, and lots more. More colourful than Donald Trump’s forehead, sharper than the scowl on Theresa May’s face, these are tunes so good they could trigger the early onset of spring.By JOHN BITTLES

Mark Knopfler - Tracker

Folkdays aren’t over…

Musik | Mark Knopfler: Tracker / Rolling Stones: Blue & Lonesome

Retro – Another side of Mark Knopfler mit ›Tracker‹ und Blues Roots bei den Rolling Stones mit ›Blue & Lonesome‹. Von TINA KAROLINA STAUNER

Project Mooncircle
Bittles' Magazine

Acid Anniversaries: New Album Reviews

Music | Bittles’ Magazine: The music column from the end of the world

January and February are usually quiet months for new music. So it is with 2017! New Year hangovers and Christmas overspending means most artists keep their shiny new records under wraps until the daffodils start to bloom. For the discerning listener though, there are still enough quality new releases to be found to make a trip to the local record store worthwhile. By JOHN BITTLES

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