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Klub Katarakt Motiv A Energy pattern isolated on black (c) Mark Bond

Eine kontrastreiche Eröffnung


Musik | Katarakt – Festival für experimentelle Musik, 15.-18. Januar

Einen Eindruck vom ersten Tag des Festivals? Der Besuch ist ein Gewinn; man muss auf Kontraste vorbereitet sein. Im Mittelpunkt standen, wie bereits erwähnt, Kompositionen Phill Niblocks, der in der New Yorker Musikszene eine zentrale Figur ist. Gut, solche Formulierung gehört zur üblichen Ankündigungsrhetorik. Von WOLF SENFF
Klub Katarakt Motiv A Energy pattern isolated on black (c) Mark Bond

Von der Natur der Sache


Musik | Festival: »Katarakt« – Kampnagel Hamburg

Was soll man lange herumreden: In jedem Fall ist es außerordentlich schwierig, experimentelle Musik zu beschreiben. Das liegt in der Natur der Sache. Theoretische Ansätze fruchten da wenig. Es gibt allerdings Leute, die darin einen Vorzug sehen. Doch. Von WOLF SENFF
(Foto: Mark Bond)

Mt. Wolf Live at Heaven 12th November 2013.

Bittles' Magazine/Live

Bittles‘ Magazine | In Concert: Mt. Wolf Live at Heaven (London)

When an emerging band are as hyped as London four-piece Mt. Wolf are right now it is usually a sign that you are going to hate them with a passion. Most of this is down to the fact that over these last few years here in London town the hype machine has been chugging out faceless crap band after faceless crap band. Yet, early indications suggest that Mt. Wolf may actually warrant all the media and blog attention that has come their way! Vocalist Kate Sproule has a soft, enchanting voice that could melt the strongest of hearts, while the band’s hushed atmospherics sound just as good on a warm Summer’s morning as on a cold November night. By JOHN BITTLES
ColdSpecks pic by Autumn deWilde

Cold Specks Live at Queen Elizabeth Hall 7th March 2013

Bittles' Magazine/Live

Bittles‘ Magazine | Live Music

Mute Records artist Cold Specks first popped her head into our world in May of last year with the release of debut album I Predict a Graceful Expulsion. An enchanting appearance on Jools Holland also went some way towards announcing the presence of this peculiar talent to the world. Originally from Canada but now based in London the music of Al Spx sounds like it came from the deepest American South and is steeped in both the joyousness of gospel and the darkest heart of Goth. The album is a quiet tornado that sounds soft and gentle yet is brimming full of indignation and rage. The prospect of hearing these tracks live was lending the hall in which the crowd sat a real air of anticipation. Something which must surely have affected the first of the support acts.
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