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Im Westen nichts Neues

Musik | Toms Plattencheck

Das aus Peter Hoppe und Bernd Batke bestehende Produzentenduo Slackwax kann man getrost als professionell bezeichnen. Vor allem, was die Vermarktung anbelangt. 

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Do You Have Love For Humankind?

Bittles‘ Magazine

You know the way it’s fashionable right now for bands and female singer-songwriters to market themselves as ›delightfully kooky‹? They’re all »look at me. I have flowers in my hair! Aren’t I crazy?« I will not name and shame right now, yet when you listen to their songs you can’t help but think that the plan was »Ok. So, my music is pretty derivative and weak. But if I act like I am awfully quirky then maybe people won’t realise just how bland I really am«. Somehow the eccentricity of these bands is always safe and insipid while they create the type of music that is usually so banal they are the aural equivalent of daytime TV. By JOHN BITTLES 

Joachim Kaiser: Sprechen wir über Musik. Eine kleine Klassik-Kunde
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Fragen an Herrn Kaiser

Kulturbuch | Joachim Kaiser: Sprechen wir über Musik. Eine kleine Klassik-Kunde

Joachim Kaiser hat sich hinreißen lassen, jene Fragen, die Leser der Süddeutschen Zeitung ihm gestellt hatten, nach der Beantwortung in einem Video-Blog nun der Fangemeinde auch in gedruckter Form zugänglich zu machen. VIOLA STOCKER hat sich seine kleine Klassik-Kunde angesehen und würde nun gerne über Musik sprechen. 

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Ned’s Atomic Dustbin: When Killing Your Television Was Still An Option

Bittles‘ Magazine

It’s amazing how an album or song can come to represent a year, or a period of your life so completely that simply listening to it again is enough to take you right back to that time. Bryan Adams that eminent social historian from Canada ably documented this phenomenon of wistful nostalgia with his treatise Summer of 69. One particular record that has this hair-raising effect on me is God Fodder by the awfully named but really rather good Ned’s Atomic Dustbin, (or The Neds as they were rather affectionately known back in the day). Every-time I hear those jangly guitars, and freaky lyrics I am immediately back in those glorious days of 1991 when I would listen to the album repeatedly in my dark and lonely room. By JOHN BITTLES 

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Retrofuturisten und Pop-Pflänzchen

Musik | Toms Plattencheck

Als die vier Mädels von CSS 2006 mit Cansei der sexy debütierten, war die Begeisterung groß. Irgendwie schien ihr Elektropop gerade wegen einer sympathischen Prise trashigem Dilettantismus den Nerv zu treffen. Als sexy, schräg und jede Menge Lofi Charme versprühend galten CSS, deren Sound gar eine Prise Punk attestiert wurde. 

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Music for Voyeurs

Bittles‘ Magazine

With the world of music still reeling from the new Daft Punk album it’s hard to believe that there’s loads of great new music out there desperately vying to be heard. With all the hype about this release you could easily come to the conclusion that all people want is a load of regurgitated pop-disco crap. Hopefully that is not the case and there will be many who’ll be excited at the mountain of fantastic new releases coming out this month. Boards of Canada, Gold Panda, Jagwar Ma, Lust For Youth and loads more are hitting us with epic sets that renew ones faith in loud guitars and crushing beats. By JOHN BITTLES 

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Dilettanten und Enthusiasten

Musik | Toms Plattencheck

Das 2010er Debütalbum von Siriusmo wurde unter anderem mit »Daft Punk meets Aphex Twin« umschrieben. Das Zweitwerk macht eine Kurzbeschreibung fast unmöglich, es ist der klassische Fall einer bunten Tüte. 

Max Paul Maria
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»No matter where I am, I´m always longing for abroad.« – Ein Tag mit Max Paul Maria

Menschen | Max Paul Maria

Eine zufällige Begegnung mit dem Musiker Max Paul Maria. Was ist seine Geschichte – und wie inszeniert er seine musikalischen Projekte, die sich zwischen Liebhaberobjekten und professionellem Anspruch bewegen? Da ihr bloße Internetrecherchen nicht ausreichten, hat PATTY SPYCHALSKI ihn befragt und einen Tag lang begleitet. 

Boozoo Bajou. Foto: Tobias Schmidt
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Dope on the Road to Nowhere: An Interview with Boozoo Bajou.

Bittles‘ Magazine | Interview

Formed in the scenic German town of Nuremberg the duo of Peter Heider and Florian Seyberth, otherwise known as Boozoo Bajou first came to prominence in 2001 with the release of their debut album Satta on Stereo Deluxe. Trendsetters and their pets everywhere sat up and took notice of these downbeat dub infused grooves, enthusing over the sublime mixture of trip-hop and jazz which the duo created with a pinch of perfection. Since then the band have devised music in a variety of styles that has always kept the listener intrigued while constantly maintaining an extremely high quality threshold. By JOHN BITTLES 

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