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Ghost in the Shell 2017
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Cyber-Alptraum oder nahe Zukunft?

Film | Im Kino: Ghost in the Shell

Was macht einen Menschen aus? Braucht man ein organisches Herz, um menschlich zu sein? Oder reicht das bloße Gehirn? Ist es die Sterblichkeit – oder sind es die Erinnerungen, die den Menschen von der Maschine unterscheiden … wird es bald keinen Unterschied mehr geben? ANNA NOAH über die Realfilm-Adaption des Cyberpunk-Anime-Klassikers Ghost in the Shell.


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Do You Have Love For Humankind?

Bittles‘ Magazine

You know the way it’s fashionable right now for bands and female singer-songwriters to market themselves as ›delightfully kooky‹? They’re all »look at me. I have flowers in my hair! Aren’t I crazy?« I will not name and shame right now, yet when you listen to their songs you can’t help but think that the plan was »Ok. So, my music is pretty derivative and weak. But if I act like I am awfully quirky then maybe people won’t realise just how bland I really am«. Somehow the eccentricity of these bands is always safe and insipid while they create the type of music that is usually so banal they are the aural equivalent of daytime TV. By JOHN BITTLES


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