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The Great War

Musik | Interview: Pär Sundström from »Sabaton«

For many years the Swedish band Sabaton has been risking a tightrope walk between musical entertainment and historical education. Many people misunderstand the band’s efforts as glorification of war. Now, the first single ›Fields of Verdun‹ from the new album ›The Great War‹ has been released and even the fan community is divided whether the song meets their expectations or not.
ANNA NOAH talks with bassist Pär Sundström about the creation of an unusual CD. 

Bittles' Magazine
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Music From The Margins: New Albums Reviewed

Music | Bittles’ Magazine: The music column from the end of the world

Usually when I am sitting on the street with my placard reading ‘I write about music for a living, please give generously’ people will take pity and throw a few coins in my lap. The other day though, someone took umbrage at my sign, demanding that I follow them home. After a hearty meal of pot noodle and chips he insisted that I watch coverage of the BBC Radio 1 Big Weekend Festival. 20 minutes of charmless pop later he switched the TV off, turned towards me and barked ‘You write about this crap?’. In response I asked if I could use his shower, in part so I could use the time to compose myself. By JOHN BITTLES 

Musik | Gretchen Peters und Amanda Rheaume
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Folkdays aren’t over… Political Correctness and Country Noir

Musik | Gretchen Peters und Amanda Rheaume

Story Telling im Country Noir – Gretchen Peters

»…pretty things, pretty things gone to ruin…« (›Pretty Things‹)
›Dancing With The Beast‹ von Gretchen Peters wurde produziert in altbewährter Zusammenarbeit mit Doug Lancio und Barry Walsh in Nashville. Und ist nach ›Blackbirds‹ ihr neuntes Studioalbum. ›Blackbirds‹ featured viel Melancholie, ist aber dabei sehr energetisch. Über die Songs sagt Peters: »These songs are stories of lost souls, people trapped in the darkness, or fighting their way out of it.« Von TINA KAROLINA STAUNER 

Cover: Songs from Latvia
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Folkdays… Klangwege ins Baltikum

Musik | Folk & Great Tunes From Latvia

Für jeden Musikhörer und Weltbürger und aus allen Kontinenten listete gerade die »Lange Nacht« internationale Musikstile auf: A cappella, Alternative, Bayerische Volksmusik, Bigband, Blues, Chanson, Chor, Comedy, Elektro, Folk, Funk, Hip-Hop, Impro, Indie, Jazz, Klassik, Latin, Pop, Rap, Reggae, Rock, Rock´n´Roll, Schlager, Singer-Songwriter, Soul, Swing, Tango, Flamenco, Bossa Nova, Weltmusik… Sonstiges… Von TINA KAROLINA STAUNER 

Ethik - Music for stock exchange
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Sacred Dreams and Trivial Occupations: New Release Reviews

Music | Bittles’ Magazine: The music column from the end of the world

Finding great new music can be difficult in today’s over-saturated cultural landscape. With a glut of new releases hitting the likes of Spotify every week, trying to sort through the crud to find something worthy of your time can seem overwhelming. Over the last few weeks I have spent countless hours doing just that to bring you the bona fide crème de la crème of what’s on offer. By JOHN BITTLES 

Sun Ra
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Pretty Pharaonic Projects in Music

Musik | Dina El Wedidi: ambient Electronics – Sun Ra: intergalactic Jazz

Von einer Zeit in die andere. Von einer Welt in die andere. Habe ich als Westlerin die Kultur Afrikas und Arabiens meist nur von Weitem wahrgenommen, beamte mich Dina El Wedidi doch für eine halbe Stunde mal mit hin als Zuhörerin. Von TINA KAROLINA STAUNER 

Darjeeling-Hokus-Pokus-Cover R
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Kein fauler Zauber

Musik | Darjeeling: Hokus Pokus

Das Album ›Hokus Pokus‹ von Darjeeling ist eine wirklich überraschende Reise in die verworrenen Labyrinthe der Musik und fordert die absolute Hingabe des Hörers. MARC HOINKIS ließ sich verhexen. 

Shity Bearles
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Roll over Lüneburg

Musik | Shity Beatles

Und jetzt bitte ordentlich die Hüften schwingen – der Sound der 50er und 60er ist niemals out! Bei den ›Shity Beatles‹ aus Lüneburg steht kein Zeh still. Von MONA KAMPE 

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Fantasy-Metal-Abenteuer der Extraklasse

Bühne | Symphonic Metal: Avantasia

Avantasias neues Album ›Moonglow‹ kam Mitte Februar raus und stieg in den deutschen Albumcharts sofort auf Platz 1 ein. Damit machen sie den seit 1989 existierenden ›Oomph!‹ und den 2004 gegründeten ›Powerwolf‹ gewaltige Konkurrenz. Das Metal-Oper-Projekt von Gründer Tobias Sammet dürfte eines der größten Unterfangen sein, das in der Metalmusikwelt verwirklicht wurde.
ANNA NOAH will wissen, ob der Liveauftritt von Avantasia so erstklassig ist, wie im Promotrailer behauptet wird. 

Laurel Halo: DK-Kicks
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Reaching For The First Blue Sky: New Record Reviews

Music | Bittles’ Magazine: The music column from the end of the world

With Brexit looming ever closer, those of us who live in the UK are preparing ourselves for the worst. If the hard-line Brexiteers get their way we will be dragged back to the dark ages, but with worse hair, clothes and hygiene. And even though, as I write this, hundreds of thousands march in London, while a petition to revoke Article 50 has reached over four million signatures, there is a feeling of powerlessness upon the people, that we are being forced off a cliff no matter what we do.

With politics in this country destroying what little equilibrium we have, the escapism supplied by music and culture is more important than ever. This month I will be discussing some of the recent releases which have been easing my depression and taking my mind to a better place. We have the big hearted rave rush of Placid Angles, the bitter-sweet ruminations of Masha Qrella, the lush house grooves of Octo Octa and Jayda G, the widescreen ambiance of Mario Hammer And The Lonely Robot, Weval’s smooth downtempo jams, and lots more. BY JOHN BITTLES 

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